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Dear (name of your MP),

I am writing to you regarding the World Health Organisations proposals for the Conference Of the Parties tenth meeting (COP10).

As you may be aware every few years national Governments meet to discuss the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. This year’s meeting will take place in November. At this national Governments will agree on a framework of policies which will then need to be implemented by each member at a national level.

I quit smoking through vaping and firmly believe that if it wasn’t for reduced risk nicotine products and harm reduction I would still be a smoker. Vaping was my only way of quitting smoking.

I am concerned because the proposals that are being suggested for the international meeting include:

– The banning of all open system vaping products
– A ban of all flavours except tobacco
– A ban on nicotine salts in vaping products
– Regulating products so that they are all exactly the same and therefore restrict the delivery of nicotine
– Demanding countries across the globe treat vaping other reduced risk nicotine products the same as combustible cigarettes.
– Taxation, banning use where smoking is prohibited, larger graphic health warnings, plain packaging, and a ban on all advertising and promotion.

I believe these policies will lead to an increase in the number of people smoking as it will discourage those that might otherwise choose to vape.
Instead Britain should attend the COP10 meeting and stand up for its domestic policies and the role that vaping and other reduced risk products have played in seriously reducing the rate of smoking and subsequent harms. By encouraging the rest of the world to follow our lead we will be able to save millions of lives across the world.

As my Member of Parliament I was wondering if you could forward my letter onto the Department of Health to let them know of my concern. I would also like you to stand up for me and the many thousands of people who vape in your constituency.

Kind regards,
(Your name, address & postcode)

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